Monday, August 29, 2011

What is business immigration? When to consider business immigration?

Business Immigration is not a legal term. Business immigration is referred to as opposition of family based immigration. In short, any work-based immigration, rather than marriage based immigration, is attributed to business immigration. 
When a person wants to immigrate, the first thing he thinks about is whether he has a family member who is permanent resident or US citizen. Usually the first in line who can petition for him is spouse, then immediate family members, including parent and child. If nobody can help, the option to consider is business immigration. 
If you come from one of treaty countries with US, E1/E2 visa are possible; 
If you are researcher or professor, you may consider NIW (National Interest Waiver); 
If you will be hired by a company, or even hired by yourself, you may consider H Visa; 
If you can find a project to do in US, including joint venture, you may consider L1 Visa; 
If you want to be idle investor, then take a look at EB5 visa; 
For details about eligibility, please refer to related posts. Comments are welcome!