Tuesday, March 11, 2014


EB5对希望投资移民到美国的外国人早就不是陌生的概念了。 事实上,在过去几年中, 80%通过投资移民到美国的外国人来自中国。 当然很多人还在观望, 因为随着投资移民规模的扩大, 提供投资项目的区域中心也是鱼龙混杂。 上当受骗的也多。 可以理解,有些外国投资者面临机会也举步不前。

除了聘请专业认识对投资项目进行全面细致的调查研究外,还有个办法就是独立投资。 对于没有美国经营经验的外国投资者,加盟连锁店就是一条出路。 

加盟连锁店是指获得使用知名品牌,商标, 提供产品线或服务的合法权利。很多时候,加盟连锁店意味者公司跳跃式的开始,因为加盟商享受公司之前的市场营销和品牌推广工作的结果,并在加盟后继续收益于公司的持续营销和品牌宣传。不用说,这节约了加盟商无以数计的市场开拓成本和时间。 当然,加盟商要对该好处付加盟费。 加盟费的多少因公司而异。事实上,加盟连锁店经营是美国繁荣经济的支柱。仅举几有影响力的例子,他们是Pizza Hutt,麦当劳,赛百味,肯德基。 ...

由于加盟专营公司提供广泛的培训和营运指导,希望通过直接投资移民美国的外国投资者,只要在美国有一两个信得过的人,不需要美国经营经验就可以达到投资移民的目的。 总的说来,只要外国投资者使用从合法获得的资金,创造至少10个全职就业岗位,就可以通过加盟专营申请EB-5签证(投资移民绿卡)。

EB5 and Franchise

EB5 is not foreign concept to most Chinese immigrant-to-be. 80% EB5 immigrants have been Chinese. Those who are still wondering have legitimate concerns as to the safety of funds if invested to EB5 regional centers, commercial companies whose business plans are pre-approved by USCIS as eligibility of designation. 

Other than retaining professionals to conduct thorough research about the EB5 regional centers and their offerings, there is a solution to immigration visa for some of foreign investors. This solution is to open a franchise company.

Franchise is a legal right to use an established brand, trademark, and product line or service of a company. Many times franchise means a jump start of business adventure because franchisees are handed result of marketing and branding work and enjoy ongoing marketing efforts of the company. Of course, the price for such is to pay royalty fee, which varies from company to company.  As a matter of fact, franchise is backbone of prosperous economy of US. To name a few influential franchises, they are Pizza Hutt, McDonald, Subway, KFC. ... 

Because franchise companies provide extensive training and operating guidance, foreign investors who want to invest directly with help of a couple trusted hands,  but who do not have extensive prior business experience in US, a franchise can be a helpful way to establish a business and invest in the United States while pursuing permanent resident status. As long as an alien makes the required investment amount from lawfully obtained funds and creates at least 10 full-time employment positions, a franchise may qualify for an EB-5 visa.