Monday, August 29, 2011

Smart Investment Ideas

Although this firm is Business Immigration firm advising on business investment based immigration strategy, we have helped so many investors to effectively move to US, We hereby offer tips on investment project.

First of all, it’d be wise to conduct investment calculation for each business immigration options. We only company three major types: EB5, L1, H1 and E2.

Type of Immigration  Actual Investment    Schooling Expense   Living Expense    Traveling Expense    EB5                              550,000                        $24000                      $50,000             minimum    no
L1                            depends, could be less      $24000                      $50,000             minimum    no
H1B                           same as above                $24000                       $50,000             minimum    no
F1B                                0                                $200,000                     $50,000              $50,000   

Note 1: If project is well chosen, the investment value will be preserved; especially on L1 and H1 B, investment can be returned; Thus the actual investment should be treated as cost;

Schooling expense is roughly based on public school and college fee. For EB5, L1 and H1B, high school tuition is set to be zero because immigrant’s children are eligible to go to public school. College expense is set as average annual tuition for public college.

Bad influence refers to immigrants’ child under certain age would buy luxury cars, spend furiously and not to study hard. Even worse, to expose to drugs.