Friday, October 2, 2015

Why Not Hiring Unlicensed Home Contractors Is Critical?

Considering remodeling your home? You must know that most of the professionals who will work on your remodeling project need to be properly licensed.

Sure it is tempting to hire unlicensed contractors for the sake of lower cost. But brace yourself, with all things considered, overall cost of having work done by unlicensed contractors could end up being significantly higher. 

First, in most states, it is illegal to hire an unlicensed contractor.  When the contractor is licensed, any injury to the contractor or to any subcontractors is the responsibility of the contractor. But, if the contractor is not licensed, the contractor and any subcontractors become employees of the homeowner, who is responsible for on-site injuries to them.  Medical bills can be extremely high.

In addition, your home insurer may not be willing to reimburse you for damage caused by the negligent work of an unlicensed contractor.

It’s prudent to assure yourself that your contractors are properly licensed. It only takes a few minutes online to check. Fortunately, most states maintain easily accessible websites listing whether a particular individual or company has such a license, the licensing status of your contractors whether you’re serving as your own general contractor or letting a general contractor supervise the work.