Saturday, November 15, 2014



When customers are satisfied with your product and services, do you want them refer them to other customers without difficulty in naming your products and services? Do you want your products and services to be identified by such a unique slogan that customers have no problem remembering them? It is like everybody has to have a name, each product and service must also have a name. This name is called trademark. 

It may not be a big deal when somebody happens to have the same name with you, but sharing a successful name brands could mean great deal of profit loss or unlawful gain. Imagine somebody other than Apple Computer sells his computer under the brand name of Apple now, if it is lawful, how rich he can be?  

Therefore, it can’t be overly emphasized how important it is to conduct search of trademark and register trademark before you start promoting them. 

One way to protect your rights is to federally register your name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Your registration places the rest of the country on notice that you are the owner and it provides you with special rights to go after those who copy your mark. Note, your rights extend only to the class of goods or services which you offer as well as to those goods or services that a court or the USPTO might consider that you are likely to offer. However, it is worthy to point out that a business that claims to own a trademark cannot stop others from using the same or a similar trademark unless it is actively using the trademark.