Wednesday, July 27, 2011

L1 Visa Petition Process

Step 1: Intended immigrants or their advisers decide what projects they want to carry through in US, how much they want to invest, how much they can show in their financial report.

Step 2: Intended immigrants signed agreement with immigration agency for L1 visa and pay attorney fee.

Step 3: Attorney will work with the client to draft business plan for the US entity; The business plan will show how much money will be needed for the first year operation, which will be the amount of funds the clients should have available on financial report.

Step 4: The intended immigrant will issue audited financial report showing they have enough money to sustain the US entity.

Step 5: If the application is approved in roughly 2 months, USCIS will send the approval file to Consulate where the intended immigrant is for interview. If the interview goes smooth, the immigrant and the family can come to US. 

Step 6: If the application is for new office, the L1 expires in 1 year. Extension should be applied for 3 month before the expiration and extension is for 2 years.
During the L1 visa period, the immigrants and their family can come and go without staying in US.

Step 7: The US entity is not obligated to profit but it is required to operate as the business plan indicates. At any point, the immigrant can retain attorney to apply for green card. Green card based on L1 visa does not need to wait for years. Instead, the wait time is around 6 months, varying from service center to service center.