Friday, February 17, 2012

Do You Know What You Get Yourself Into While Filing Asylum?

Is Asylum Really a Choice For You?

I just ended the 3rd call regarding graduates applying for asylum. I could easily say yes to all their questions, but I firmly rejected all the requests for help. As a matter of fact, I don’t regret it a bit!
Asylum cost a lot of money. It’s cash cow for lawyers. Many lawyers, unfortunately, made a fortune on such cases. I am a lawyer who would rather starve to death than allure applicants to file false claims. Here is why. 
A person may seek protection if they have suffered persecution or they have well founded fear that they will suffer persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group and political opinion. Whether you have suffered persecution or you fear persecution has to be proved by sufficient evidence. In plain English, you should not lie and you have to prove you did not lie. 
A lawyer may lie for you but it is absolutely unethical, for which they will be punished sooner or later. 
Now back to you. If you have a real claim, which means you really were mistreated by either government and powerful individual or you think you have a reason to feel threatened, by all means, please come to us, we will apply all our expertise in helping you to seek protection from US government. If you are doing so merely because others already have done so, our advice is resounding no. 
Why do I say so? Asylum starts with filing a form with supporting documents with USCIS. You will receive an opportunity to be interviewed by an immigration officer shortly. In Florida, a claim will be processed within 18 days. Yes, you read right, 18 days. 
If you are lucky, you pass the interview based on false story, your consciousness will come to eat you up some day. Your children will learn that it is okay to cheat. Like the American saying puts: What comes around goes around. 

If you are like many of the rest, your claim is denied. Then your case will be transferred to the Department of Justice, i.e, Immigration court, where your case will be heard by a judge. This process means long wait, constant anxiety, countless sleepless nights and lack of ability to plan for your future. In many cases, Immigration judges see through cases and deny your case, then you will get a removal order, which requires you to wait on the bench for ICE to pick you up and throw you out of the country. Consequently you are barred to come back to the country for 10 years. So you wouldn’t know which day would be the last day of your stay in US. Then you will have children in US, hoping one of your children can sponsor after she or he turns 21. Or if you marry a US citizen, it takes luck and long time to reopen your case if you apply. Millions of people are here for 20-30 dark years and stay there. It is the country’s problem due to many bad choice. 

It is also a severe personal problem to applicants. When you are on deportation wait list, you are not allowed to go anywhere. You are not allowed to go back to China. You can’t invite your relatives to come and visit you. Big companies won’t hire you because you are on EAD. You can’t plan far. You have to be extremely cautious when you drive because DUI lands others in jail for a day or two, but will throw you onto a plane. 

Think twice, boys and girls. If you think that’s what your American dream is all about, try Asylum based on fabricated personal stories like others. I don’t care what other lawyers tell you, I say so solely for your own wellbeing. You live only once and life goes by fast, you need to plan right. 
Of course, if you ever feel you have suffered persecution or fear for persecution, come talk to me. I will fight for you.