Monday, June 2, 2014

Myths about Investment Immigration Part II

Many clients asked us whether they can obtain green card through acquiring an existing US business. Our answers have always been, yet, but it is rather difficult. Foreign investors may obtain green cards for them and their families through investment of  a minimum of $1 million in creating a new U.S. business or restructuring or expanding one that already exists.

If you want to buy an existing business and expand it to get green cards,  you would need to increase either the number of employees or the net worth of the business by at least 40%. You would also need to make the full required investment ($1 million or $500,000 depending on location) and you would still need to show that your investment created at least ten full-time jobs for U.S. workers.

If you want to obtain green card by buying a troubled business and save it from going under. To do this, you would need to show that the business has been around for at least two years and has had an annual loss of 20% of the company’s net worth at some point over the 24 months leading up to the purchase. You must still invest the full required amount, but you are not required to show that you created ten jobs. Instead, you would need to show that for two years from the date of purchase, you employed at least as many people as were employed at the time of the investment.