Monday, April 9, 2012

What to look for in a H1B-eligible Job

"Am I going to get a job?" "Can any job get me a H1B?" "What kind of job should I look for?" "How much do I have to be paid?" "How many soon-to-be graduates can get H1B?"

These are the questions this firm get all the time from anxious soon-to-be-graduates. Never a simple fixed simple answer was given to any of these questions because there is none.  The last question, in particular, "How many graduating aliens  can actually get a H1B", is invalid question because whether you can get a H1B depends on whether your circumstances meet all the legal requirements of H1B. 

So, although all the answers can be: it depends,  there is one equation to solve all these questions, which is, find a job that qualifies for H1B. 

What is a job qualifying for H1B?

Under Immigration & Nationality Act, a H1B job needs to be so complicated that its minimun requirement is a bachelor degree or its equivalence. Of course, you have to have a major that meets its requirement. 

With that being said, a waitress, a real estate agent, a car salesman etc may have less chance to pass the examination. 

Another thing you should look for in your job is your pay. As many of you have learned, your job needs to pay higher than prevailing wage, which is published by Department of Labor. Pay attention though, it refers to prevailing wage, not salary. Wage is hourly pay, salary is annual fixed pay.  So when you negotiate pay with your prospect employer, you'd be better off to negotiate a wage, hourly pay. Trust me, it is good for your chance for H1B.