Monday, March 26, 2012

How to be a great immigration entrepreneur in US

I finally bought an Ipad this past Saturday. My home office is practically a show room for Apple. I have 3 apple computers, 1 apple TV setup box, I have had 3 apple Ipod touches which are smaller version of Ipad. All my computer bags and pouches are from Apple store. 

Believing in living a simple life, My husband and I have been fighting with our desires for an Iphone (my husband has Samsung Galaxy II) and  IPad. 

After a year of debating with ourselves, we finally gave in to the invisible force toward the Apple Store.  Needless to say, I am not a stranger to the Apple store. I know how they roll. But my heart is melt by the excellence in every step of the services every time I go there. 

First, I stood at a spot close to the door. I waved to a gentleman in a blue shirt. He came over and asked me what questions I have for him. I said my question was whether they still have the new Ipad. He laughed and said: "We certainly do. How many do you need?" "One. " I said. He had a device in hand which is a little thicker than Iphone and other than that, is an I-phone. I gave him my credit card. He ran it through in the device then said, the Ipad is coming right up. A minute or so later, here comes the IPAD in a beautiful box! 

Then I asked about a carrying bag for the Ipad. He said they didn't have bag for IPAD. but they have a magnetic cover specially designed for the Ipad. Alex, my husband, whispered then, "Oh, you really want to get that. Steve Jobs invented the idea. " Oh really, how good it is? This statement answers the question.  Steve Jobs' taste has never disappointed me. They asked for $70 for that cover. I paid without hesitation as a contribute to Steve Jobs. 

When I opened the box and used it, I was blown away!! The cover is made of leather and is foldable into 3. It has a magnet strip on the side. When I lay it on the desk and put the IPad close to it, it jumps right on to IPad. The installation took literally half a second. The cover not only serves as a protection to the screen, it also serves as energy saver because when user closes it, it put IPad to sleep! Moreover, when cover is folded into 3, it adjust the IPad to a right angle for viewers!

When we talk about talents, we usually talk about singing, dancing, joking...skills that entertain people. I would say our special appreciation for talents should also be dedicated to those who make our short lives more enjoyable, such as Steve Jobs. He heroically changed the way we read, read, shop and enjoy music and movies. ... His pursuit of excellence is so inspiring. We definitely should thank God for him! Thank you, Steve Jobs! RIP!