Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hope After Deportation

A Hatian National who was ordered deported in 2000 and later married an American citizen. We filed a request with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to join us in a request to reopen his case before the Board of Immigration Appeals. After many months of negotiation with the Office of Chief Counsel Trial Attorney, they agreed to join us and our client will now be able to adjust his status to lawful permanent resident through marriage.

We may be able to do that for you too. 

Under US Immigration Law, when the judge orders deportation or removal of certain individual, the case is closed. However, unknown to many people, it is not always over. 
In the event there is a change of law, or an argument or aspect of the case that was overlooked, your lawyer may request the court to reconsider the case;  whereas if there is a new law, new facts or changed circumstances, a counsel may request the court to reopen the case and to hear the case all over again. 

Both types of the requests must be made within 90 days of removal order with one exception where the ICE join the motion to reopen. 

The last situation is what we are talking about here. We can represent clients who have deportation order against them but have changed circumstances to move to reopen the case. The success depends on specific case and the time of decision ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months. It may take a few rounds of negotiation with ICE. But overall, it is the last resort for a lot of people and thus it is, in most cases, worthy of trying. A consultation with us may help with accurate assessment.