Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is Business Lawyers’ Role in Immigration?

A law is a set of standard that was established by a government to govern, correct wrongs, deliver justice and maintain order in the society. 
Business lawyers have knowledge embracing from Formation of Organization, Business Planning, Corporate Tax Planning, Partners Interest Protection, Interests Protection in Business Transaction, Merger and Acquisition, to Protection of Trade mark and Intellectual Property, etc. 
Immigration is categorized into various types based on the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary. If the petitioner and beneficiary are relative, then the immigration petition is family based. If the petitioner is employer, either the beneficiary will be employee or the owner of the beneficiary, the immigration is business immigration. Others are asylum, lottery, religions.. etc. 
So what is the role of Business lawyer in Immigration Petition? To prove your case, you must present your business, business plan, business organization, even you need to create a new enterprise in the case of EB5 investment visa and L1 employment based immigration. Inevitably, business lawyers’ expertise in forming the organization, planning business activities, taxation and labor law compliance etc. If one can find an Immigration lawyer with Business law expertise, even better, a lawyer specialize both business and immigration, one can stop looking. 
Linda Liang & Associates LLC is comprised of lawyers who not only know from A-Z of immigration law but also has had years of training and experience in practicing Immigration law. Our combination of expertise makes our representation in Business Immigration almost unbeatable!