Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Not To Say Goodbye To US Dreams

How Not To Say Goodbye To American Dream In Bad Economy?

Now that you are reading this blog, you may be one of those who have spent parents’ fortune to come to US, studied hard, graduated but could not find a job whatsoever. Time in US went by fast, you are so not ready to go home now.

Well, this blog is written to tell you, “Yes, you can stay, if you want. “

I will explain.

Usually people immigrate to US through three ways: 1) family relations (including marriage); 2) investment 3) employment. Remember, merely F1 visa does not constitute immigration because F1 visa does not directly lead to green card. Most international students obtain green card through employment, i.e, find a job hoping the employer will sponsor you with a H1B (working visa).

What happens if you can’t find a job? I am pretty sure this question has been tossing you around at nights. Unknown to a lot of people, it turns out you can sponsor yourself.

USCIS issued a memo in January 2010 that reminds immigration lawyers and applicants that H1B is applicable to solo business owners. However, the memo stipulates that solo business owners have to prove there is employer-employee relationship and the employer has right to control the employee.

That is to say that if you open a company in your name, you are eligible to sponsor yourself as your own employer H1B visa as long as your lawyer can help you to establish   that you meet the requirements of relevant law. You don’t know that, do you?

Every case is different. We can’t get to details as to how but you are welcome to contact us for consultation in person.

You must be asking how can I run a company, what the company should do. This firm has indeed great answers to these questions. This firm, in addition to experienced lawyer, is composed of experienced business consultants. We could help to plan, recommend projects and consult during your operation. In short, you will not be alone. For instance, for those who have great sense in fashion, we have a program that allows you to have your own fashion shop at the minimum start-up and operation cost. You will most likely be profitable since the first month.  Of course, we can work with you to fulfill your own entrepreneur ideas.

Remember Obama’s campaign slogan?  “Yes, You Can!” For more information, you are welcome to contact us at 954 892 5517, asking for attorney Linda Liang.